Photos showing Men taking part in the MAN v FAT Challenge


Photos showing Men taking part in the MAN v FAT Challenge

MAN v FAT Challenge is a male only digital, weight loss programme that is designed and targeted at men who want to improve their fitness, mental and social wellbeing all from the comfort of your own home.

Unlike the conventional weight loss groups that are predominantly marketed towards women, MAN v FAT Challenge supports men and helps improve their health through guidance via an online coach, as well as peer 2 peer support via our interactive digital community.

So, as well as the support and guidance to improve your health and wellbeing, you are also offered the opportunity to participate in a weekly activities based on nutrition and exercise set by our friendly Challenge team.

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Complete the weekly nutrition challenge set by our Challenge team. Each week you will be sent a fun, themed nutrition challenge to get you cooking healthier meals. We know that many of us have little to no experience in the kitchen, so you don’t have to be a master chef - just make a delicious, nutritious, and calorie-controlled meal based on that week’s theme.


Complete the weekly activity challenge set by our Challenge team. These require minimal equipment, don’t require a gym membership, and can be adjusted to suit your needs and requirements. Score points for completing the weekly exercise challenge in addition to completing other challenges on your weekly scorecard.


You will submit a weekly weigh in and earn points for your team each time you lose weight. Earn even more points by hitting your milestone targets (5%, 10% etc) and gain a bonus point every third time you lose weight. You will receive a weekly email showing your progress on the scales to help drive you to your next target.


Improve your health and celebrate your hard work by earning medals and certificates for achieving weight loss percentages, being the biggest loser and top point scorer. MAN v FAT Challenge shirts and other swag can also be won! Drive your group to victory over the 14-week period by losing weight and becoming healthier.

three core principles


Members are challenged each week to complete the movement challenge that they are set. They must also complete a workout in the MAN v FAT Gym and a freestyle 30-minute exercise of their choice.


Members are challenged each week to create a meal from scratch around a theme. They  upload picture evidence on their Members Area of them taking part in the challenge to earn points for their team. Each team’s best dish can be put forward to earn bonus points.

building healthy habits

Members receive points for filling in their scorecard. Along with movement and nutrition challenges, we also set tasks based on building habits such as tracking their food as well as signposting members to other MAN v FAT resources such as, MAN v FAT Talks, SilverCloud and more.

what you get
for your membership:

  • No restrictive diet to follow

  • No banning of food groups

  • Guidance on healthier eating

  • Creating healthy habits for sustainable long-term results

  • Weekly activity included as part of the offer

  • Be part of a winning team

man v fat members also benefit from:

  • Weekly weigh-ins providing progress reports

  • Rountine, support and accountability from your teammates and an experienced coach

  • Exclusive recipes, webinars, weekly zoom calls and other digital resources

  • Access to digital classes for all abilities with the MAN v FAT Gym

  • Support for your mental health using our free online platform, Silvercloud (worth £360)

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