Photos showing Men taking part in the MAN v FAT Challenge

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MAN v FAT has helped men around the UK to lose over 400,000lbs and with MAN v FAT Challenge At Work we can help your employees lose weight and feel better creating a happier and more productive workforce.

MAN v FAT Challenge is a flexible, fun way to lose weight with a community of like-minded men. 

Photos showing Men taking part in the MAN v FAT Challenge


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The MAN v FAT Challenge Workplace League puts your team against other businesses in weekly challenges designed to improve diet, increase physical activity, and to help your guys lose weight!

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You’ll be given weekly exercise and nutrition challenges to do at a time that suits you and you’ll score points to help your team win their weekly Challenge fixture. Your team will be supported by a dedicated weight loss Coach.

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Challenge is more than just weight loss. Your team will have access to an online gym, weekly talks with industry leading professionals, opportunities to network and share your business with wider contacts and have access to Silvercloud - a mental wellbeing service. 

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A wide variety of businesses are taking part in the MAN v FAT Workplace Challenge league to improve the wellbeing of their employees, develop a team spirit amongst their staff, network with other businesses and most importantly… to have fun!

"140 million working days in the UK are lost due to staff sickness, costing businesses an estimated £29 billion"

"did you know that each year per employee 6.5 days is lost to sickness absence in the uk? this jumps to 8.2 days for an employee who is physically inactive"

"research has shown obesity costs high - £126,000 per year for an organisation employing 1000+ people"

"improvement in employees health profiles can reduce absenteeism"

"well designed and implemented workplace health can save money and be cost beneficial"

"employee social support for each other especially if health programme is incorporated into their workplace"

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