Photos showing Men taking part in the MAN v FAT Challenge


MAN v FAT has joined forces with local councils to offer you the chance to lose weight for free. Use our offer checker to learn if you can get a code to join MAN v FAT Challenge for free.

Photos showing Men taking part in the MAN v FAT Challenge


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Designed by experts

Our weight loss programme is designed by qualified dietitians, physical activity professionals and behaviour change specialists – all to give you the knowledge you need to make your own choices about losing weight!

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Take on our exercise and nutrition challenges at a time that suits you and your daily life. We don’t prescribe a particular diet plan – use our challenges to focus your mind on what works for you to lose weight!

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You’ll be part of a community of men just like you, who are looking to lose weight! And guided through your weight loss journey by our supportive coaches.

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Your weekly challenges will help you approach weight loss in a fun and informative way. The challenges will help you get out and about, try new things and create some fantastic meals, too!

For a one-off 50p registration fee, you get a free 14 week season of MAN vFAT Challenge including:

what you get
for your membership:

  • No restrictive diet to follow

  • No banning of food groups

  • Guidance on healthier eating

  • Creating healthy habits for sustainable long-term results

  • Weekly activity included as part of the offer

  • Be part of a winning team

man vfat members also benefit from:

  • Weekly weigh-ins providing progress reports

  • Rountine, support and accountability from your teammates and an experienced coach

  • Exclusive recipes, webinars, weekly zoom calls and other digital resources

  • Access to digital classes for all abilities with the MAN v FAT Gym

  • Support for your mental health using our free online platform, MAN v FAT Foundations.

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Everything you need to know can be found in the MAN v FAT Challenge FAQ's

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Weight loss is a personal thing, and we completely understand if you still have questions.

Arrange a call with our Challenge team and they’ll call you at a time that suits you.

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